Meet Charlie Arnone

Anthony J. Vitale

Charles (Charlie) Arnone was named Site Vice President at Entergy’s Palisades Nuclear Plant, located in Covert, Michigan in August 2016. As Palisades’ Site Vice President, Arnone is responsible for the overall management and continued safe, secure and reliable operation of the 811 megawatt clean electricity generator.

Arnone began his nuclear career more than 30 years ago after eight years in the US Navy Nuclear Power program. Prior to becoming Site Vice President at Palisades, Arnone served the entire Entergy nuclear fleet as General Manager Operations Support and then as interim VP-Operations Support. Throughout his career, Arnone has held various positions in the nuclear industry and has developed extensive operations experience. Arnone is not new to Palisades or Southwest Michigan. He previously worked at Palisades as the Director of Nuclear Safety Assurance from 2007-2009 and 2011-2013.

Arnone’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering from the University of Maryland. He’s held a reactor license and two senior reactor operator licenses. He also completed Eckerd College’s Leadership Development Program and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators’ Senior Nuclear Plant Management Course.

Arnone has owned a home in Lawrence since first moving to Southwest Michigan in 2007. He lives there with his wife, Maureen, a Michigan native. Their two daughters reside in Washington, DC.