Palisades Returned to Service

June 17, 2013

Palisades was returned to service at 2:08 p.m. on Monday June 17 following a 43 day outage for repairs to the Safety Injection Refueling Water (SIRW) tank.

Palisades was safely removed from service the morning of May 5 due to leakage from our SIRW tank that exceeded the threshold we had established. Subsequent to removing the plant from service, we conducted extensive inspections and analyses of the tank and identified a small crack along a weld that joined one of the nozzles to the bottom of the tank.

The tank bottom has been redesigned and features a new asphalt embedded fiberboard subflooring that will provide a robust and reliable support for the aluminum tank floor. The aluminum floor has been constructed of more than 90 percent new aluminum flooring material. The remaining amount of pre-existing aluminum flooring, which has been incorporated into the design to provide structural support for the tank, makes up a 14-inch wide ring around the entire inside perimeter of the tank.

To date, we have also redesigned and replaced all of the tank’s nozzles, which transport water to and from the tank.

Following extensive inspections to verify the quality of the work that was completed, we refilled the SIRW tank. Once we conclusively determined that there was zero tank leakage, we commenced startup activities.