Palisades Security offices to Conduct Low-Light Firearm Training from May 7 to June 12

May 5, 2014

Palisades security officers will conduct low-light firearm training exercises from May 7 to June 12, each Monday through Thursday until 11 p.m. All firearm training exercises will take place at our shooting range in Covert.

Low-light training for security officers ensures that they have the ability and necessary training to protect Palisades at all times. Low-light security training is a federal safety requirement.

We realize that training late at night can be disruptive to our neighbors. We make every effort to minimize the burden by completing low-light training during winter months, when darkness falls earlier in the day. Our recent refueling outage prevented completion of required low-light training last winter.

We appreciate the support and understanding of Covert Township residents as we work to complete these exercises.

If you have any questions regarding these training activities, please contact Palisades Communications at 269-764-2333 or email