The health and safety of the public is our number one priority and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are committed to maintaining high standards for Palisades, and if there is any issue, we aggressively address it. If we couldn’t operate Palisades safely, we wouldn’t operate.

Palisades is in Column 1, the highest safety category, of the NRC’s Reactor Oversight Process. We remain in Column 1 alongside 59 plants and 97 reactors and other safely operating US nuclear plants.

Since 2007, Entergy has invested millions of dollars in capital improvements to enhance Palisades’ ability to operate more safely and more efficiently. This includes post-9/11 security upgrades, facility upgrades at our Joint Information Center/ Emergency Operations Facility in Benton Harbor, and replacement of plant equipment.

Nuclear plant operators receive more on the job training than any other industry. Every five weeks each of our operators receives one full week of hands on training in our control room simulator. This ensures that they maintain their top notch capabilities and have the skills necessary to maintain nuclear safety, under any condition.

Every aspect of our facility undergoes constant scrutiny by our expert staff, as well as two full-time NRC Resident Inspectors here on site. Every individual onsite, whether they are one of our own employees, a supplemental employee, or a visitor, is encouraged to speak up if they identify a component or piece of equipment that may require improvement.

Our safety systems were designed with backups to backups. This ensures that we have multiple systems in place to first safely manage the plant, should there be a problem. These systems undergo inspection, preventative maintenance, and testing to ensure that they are available at all times.

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